Dedham Little Free Library — 2015

Very excited to volunteer to paint a Little Library for Dedham in July 2015. My library is titled: Head In The Clouds, Feet In The Trees. As an avid reader of fiction (and some non-fiction), I believe everyone should experience the wonder of getting lost in a book — in a world not like our own, where imagination can run wild and take you to new places. The dual nature of these libraries as works of art and literacy made this a project I was excited to be involved in.

IMG_20150726_131859831 IMG_20150726_131549712 IMG_20150726_132109 IMG_20150726_132127Little Free Library

Utility Box Work — 2012 to 2013

This box was started in September 2012





In 2013 many requests came in to see the remaining portions of the box done.

utility box, marietta apollonioutility box 3 marietta apollonio utility box 4 marietta apollonio utility box close up marietta apollonio utility box with front marietta apollonio utility box 2, marietta apollonio utility box 5 marietta apollonio utility box 6 marietta apollonio utility box 7 side with front marietta apollonio

Overall the front and two sides took a total of 16 hrs. There is still one final side (the back) to tackle, which I plan to do this September and I anticipate this taking roughly 8 hrs to do. I worked with an all purpose primer that can be used on an array of substrates. Paint was artists acrylic by Dick Blick as well as Liquitex series 1 (all paints are lightfastness 1), mixed with Liquitex Matte Gel Medium for fluidity as well as water resistance. Black line was done with Golden Acrylics Carbon Black (my top choice for black paint, also mixed with Liquitex Matte Gel Medium), and finally a varnish of Liquitex Gloss Varnish for a permanent coating over the paint. I will follow up with a non-permanent Liquitex Matte Soluvar spray varnish that can be removed with Mineral Spirits should graffiti artists decide to “enhance” my art. The underlying permanent varnish will protect the paint.

original sketch

Dedham Public Art Project — Rabbits 2012

A great interview with the Globe!!


photo by kerry hawkins   

(photos by Kerry Hawkins)

This bunny was about 4ft high and 5ft long.

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