Mixed Media

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The Sketchbook Project — A Red Winter

A Red Winter is a mixed media project featuring the use watercolor, pen, colored pencil and acrylic paint. This abbreviated and new interpretation of the classic Red Riding Hood, can be seen in full at this location: https://sketchbookproject.com/library/16913

As part of the  Sketchbook Project.

A Red Winter: book spread 1 msapollonio_aredwinter_copyright2015_image1 msapollonio_aredwinter_copyright2015_image2


Kitchen Utensils — 5″x5″

4 commissioned pieces depicting kitchen utensils, with definitions of utensils. Watercolor, printed paper, acrylic paint.





Dead Authors Series  — 4″x4″

These pieces are created using printed paper, watercolor, photocopies of drawings, sometimes acrylic paint.

1. Edgar Allan Poe*


2. Charles Dickens*


3. Franz Kafka*


Travel Series  — 3″x3″

Watercolor, pen/ink

(photos by Kerry Hawkins)

marietta apollonio — Hot Air Ballonsmarietta apollonio — Hot Air Ballonsmarietta apollonio — Hot Air Ballonsmarietta apollonio — Hot Air Ballons