a red winter (2015)

In January 2015 I submitted my first sketchbook to the The Sketchbook Project . Following a chosen theme, Winter, I created a wordless version of Little Red Riding Hood, which I called A Red Winter.

You can see the digitized sketchook here:

This book was created with various materials such as Prisma Color Pencils, Prisma Color Markers, acrylic paint, glue and permanent marker.

A spread from the book:

Marietta_Apollonio_sketchbookproject copy

While this book is not available for purchase, I hope to create a longer version soon, which I will self-publish and have available for purchase. Stay tuned!


a curious alphabet for curious people

This self-published alphabet book is based on a previous book I illustrated while at the Art Institute of Boston. Heavily influenced by Edward Gorey and his darker humor, I established my own curious/dark humor, teaching life lessons to kids and adults, such as: Bears do not want to be your friend, stay away from wells.  People are inherently strange, with each of us having our own odd quirks. This book zones in on differences and curious behaviors, with rhyming and colorful/quirky illustrations.

1st Edition (2013): a curious alphabet for curious people, full color illustrated ABC book, 8.5″x8.5″ paperback, softcover, 1st edition published in limited quantity in 2013. Available for sale at the Dedham Square Artist Guild, Dedham Ma.



2nd edition (2014): a curious alphabet for curious people

Revamped in a new size (8″x10″) and new cover! Available for purchase on Amazon, Amazon Europe, Kindle and CreateSpace

© 2014 marietta apollonio


One thought on “Books

  1. Marietta, love the alphabet book. Purchased it for
    My two granddaughters ages 4 and 2. Very whimsical and curious. Love the art and words.
    Let me know if you publish the Red Riding Winter book.
    Love your genius!!! A fan of Art Guild!!
    Ann Budreika

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